To the Radio KOL DJ's and Listeners,

I am writing this letter to explain why Toe and I are no longer Radio KOL. This is very painful to me, and I want to tell you why. Apparently when our power was out the listeners were asked to raise money for the Radio Station. Many of you helped with that, and I was very grateful. At that time I didn't have the money to pay the server bill and funds were raised. Adah was given all the paypal information and passwords and she monitored the money for me, and kept me updated as I was not online at home. When the amount got to about 1500 dollars, she let me know and said go pay your electric bill artsy...go now. I did. I was told that that money was raised to help us and I was profoundly touched that they would do that. I still needed quite a bit of money for the large deposit that was required for me to get the power back ,and waited until I had it from my monthly paycheck and paid it.

Now it was brought to my attention that after I used the money, Amplitude made an announcement on his show that the listeners had raised enough money to pay the server bill for a year. I was not aware of this since I obviously could not listen to the radio. Even Eye Spec said he was unaware that we had used the money for our bill, and felt no one else was aware of this either. Why Adah isnt being held accountable here I do not know. When I spoke to Adah briefly about this Friday night she said she was staying out of this to avoid drama. She said she felt it was a loan that we should have paid back and did not.

Never has anyone mentioned this to me since our return in June. No one. Our administration that Toe and I hired did not communicate with us. Part of the administrator's jobs were to do such that. So when I was asked to pay 360 dollars for the new stereo I server I told Eye Speculum I didnt have the funds in the account. I told him I personally could not pay for it, and if the listeners wanted it we could ask them about it in the forums. Eye Spec told me he would put it on the front page of the forums, and I said okay. He came to me later that evening and said he thought that might not be good and he would think about what to do. Later Eye Spec paid with his own funds for those server slots.

Now it is no secret that Toe and Amp have had power struggles over the station for quite some time. Toe wanted certain things for the station and Amp refused, saying Toe was unreasonable. Toe would get in a rage and act crazy, and things would be bad. This happened more than once. I do not believe what Toe wanted for the station was ever at anytime unreasonable, although his behavior has been. I am being honest. It was a problem.
So from what I gathered, Admin got together without mine or Toe's knowledge, and planned to change the station, the servers and remove us from having control over the station at all. This was said to be due to Toe's behavior and misappropriation of funds.( I would like to add here that I was told by Amplitude that the donators and listeners were hurt that we would take that money, and use it for our bills. He especially mentioned SewerRatz. I spoke with Sewerratz and he kmailed me his support about how the funds were used, and he was not upset at all. Although I brought this to the table, it was also disreguarded.)
Now I initially found out about this Friday night during The Big Meat show, and by Saturday the servers were all changed, they put up all new accounts, and new donate buttons, and I was told they would have a new website too. We were completely cut out of this. Toe has not been informed of any of this by any Radio KOL admin, and it was all done while he has been away in South Carolina. I was told we were welcome to stay and dj but we would not be in charge of the station again. Jick and Skully completely back this. I have not spoken to either one, so Im not sure what prompted this.

I am writing this letter to let you all know why Toe and I find we can not be part of Radio KOL anymore, and although we could fight this, start another station here it is seems inappropriate. I am not trying to accuse anyone of anything either, I just think you all should know what my side of the story is, and judge for yourself. I have not slung any mud on air and I just did my last show Saturday night and said goodbye. I would never ever treat anyone the way I have been treated here. Although I know that my (well used to be) staff will be angry, I knew that I could not walk away without telling the truth. I suppose concerning myself with their feelings at this point is ridiculous, as they did not consider mine. I also want to say that Toe has no involvement with this letter, and is still not back From Inari's PJ Party in South Carolina. This is all me.

I have loved Radio KOL since it's birth, and I have cherished the love and support you listeners have given us. I will never forget you.... I will miss you more than I can say. I wish you well and God Bless. I know that Toe would want you to know he feels the same way. Consider yourself loved. You are. Goodbye!!!

Co-creator of Radio KOL