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One day while hosting his Radio KoL show, Lehks mentioned that he had an Aladin AMV that he made. He sent it to me. Now, Im sharing it with all of you... With his permision, of course...



Creator: Lehks
Anime/Cartoon: Aladdin
Music:Sugar Ray - Abracadabra

This is Quite a good AMV. Well, its not from an Anime, but its good. So have a look!

Downloads Date Length Size Format
Abracadabra April 2004 3:24 33.9 Mb MPEG1 Encoded Video

-In KoL Chat-
private to EyeSpeculum: (offical Request) could you please play "EyeSpeculum - Everything"? (If need be, I can send it in... *evil glint in eye*)
DaCyclops waits for eyespeculum to get to his request *evil glint in eye*
chatbot: Radio KOL: EyeSpeculum - Everything - EyeSpeculum - m 24kbps: 7/200 64kbps: 41/80 -cough-
DaCyclops LOVES the power of the Offical request....
DaCyclops turns it up....
DaCyclops: There is likly one thing that saves me from requesting the other song I know that Spec has.... I dont know its name....
EyeSpeculum laughs evilly...and pantslessly -cough-
DaCyclops: Meh. I'll ask FFiX next time I see him. I think he has the name...
FFiXMaster invokes the Official Request: Killing Time. =)
DaCyclops: Though... that Pantsless laughing... Its quite creepy....
DaCyclops: Oh Yes. that was it. I knew it had time in it... -hic-
FFiXMaster: I love you, too, 'Spec. <3
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