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I Like to edit Anime Music Videos. to those who dont know what an Anime Music Video is, its when someone takes footage from an anime and applies it to a music (or another sound clip). If anything, im a totaly ammature at it. But im not that bad....

HOSTED VIDEO: Abracadabra by Lehks



Working Title: All to Capable of Being Pushed to Far
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Music: Dust Bunny Nation - All Too Capable of Going Way Too Far

When I listen to this music, I get an image of someone having a desperate final moment.
When I watch the last episode of Cowboy Bebop, It loks like a desperate final moment.
Hence, I had to try to put them together....

Sample Videos Date Length Format
Enter the Mayhem 21st July 2005 45 Seconds AVI with WMV9 Compression
Ending 25th July 2005 16 Seconds AVI with WMV9 Compression


Old Videos


Title:Sven Busters
Video: In-Game Sven Co-op Footage
Music: Ghostbusters - Theme Song

I just ahd to make it...

Videos Date Length Size Format
Sven Busters Full Video 6th March 2005 36 Seconds 3.44Mb AVI with DivX 5 Compression

-In KoL Chat-
private to EyeSpeculum: (offical Request) could you please play "EyeSpeculum - Everything"? (If need be, I can send it in... *evil glint in eye*)
DaCyclops waits for eyespeculum to get to his request *evil glint in eye*
chatbot: Radio KOL: EyeSpeculum - Everything - EyeSpeculum - m 24kbps: 7/200 64kbps: 41/80 -cough-
DaCyclops LOVES the power of the Offical request....
DaCyclops turns it up....
DaCyclops: There is likly one thing that saves me from requesting the other song I know that Spec has.... I dont know its name....
EyeSpeculum laughs evilly...and pantslessly -cough-
DaCyclops: Meh. I'll ask FFiX next time I see him. I think he has the name...
FFiXMaster invokes the Official Request: Killing Time. =)
DaCyclops: Though... that Pantsless laughing... Its quite creepy....
DaCyclops: Oh Yes. that was it. I knew it had time in it... -hic-
FFiXMaster: I love you, too, 'Spec. <3
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