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These are Greasemonkey scripts for KoL, mostly written by me. What is Greasemonkey you ask? Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox. What it adds is the ability to insert javascript code into the page automatically for the user when certain pages are run. This can be used for anything from hiding (or changing) an annoying image used by someone on a forum (of which I have made one for - may be willing ot make a version for you) to adding entirely new features to the page. The most complex can even entirely re-write a page. When used on KoL, they can do anything from track what effect the Bang Potions (from the Dungeons of Doom) perform each ascension per account, to showing you a list of recipies you can make when cooking, to working out the best choice in the Cake Shaped Arena. You can download Greasemonkey by click here.

If you have any ideas or recomendations for my scripts (I think any veteran Javascript author would scream reading my code) feel free to contact me in KoL as DaCyclops (#310884)

You can find other similar scipts at the following sites:

  • The KoL Wiki Greasemonkey Section - Has links to all the Scriptmakers (including those below) as well as a full list of scripts. Best place to find what you are looking for.
  • Tard's Greasemonkey Scripts - Including the Framework (Puts KoL into IFRAMES and includes many tools) and many other extremly usefull adventuring Scripts. NOTE: You dont need the Framework installed and enabled for all his scripts to work. It is only for automatic updating of his scripts.
  • Naltrexone's KoL GreaseMonkey Script Page - Including the KoL Bang Potion Minder, and other more informative Scripts.
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Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Fake Hand Summary - Version 1.2
Date:28th January 2009

This little script will take all those Fake Hands in peoples character sheets,
and your own character sheet and inventory, and compress them into one single item.
Quite usefull against the hordes of people holding over 20...
(Or the one Moth holding over three thousand!)
(revised because Jick changed a VERY samll thing)
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Trophy Count - Version 1.02
Date:2nd May 2006

A quick script to count how many trophies a player has visible on their profile.
EDIT: And I fixed that spelling mistake... Coding in a hurry helps nobody....
EDIT: And I forgot to code for people with no trophies visable...
EDIT: And I broke it a moment ago by changing one thing and not another....
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Moon sign Effects - Version 1.00
Date:3rd May 2006

This adds the effects of the Moon Signs to the Ascension page
NOTE: The information is accurate to that in The KoL Wiki as of the 3rd of May 2006.
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Logout Confirm - Version 1.00
Date:19th May 2006

This simply adds a Confirmation to the Log Out option.
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - ClockLink - Version 1.00
Date:24th August 2006

Adds a "clock" link to the top menu, which opens Wombatilim's KST Clock.
In compact mode, it adds the link under the "Moons:" text.
Works fine with Tard's Compact Mode Flat Navigation script.
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Time-Less Chat - Version 1.00
Date:3rd Spetember 2006

Disables the Chat Timeout automatically.
== Download Here! ==


Title:DaCyclops' KoL - Bag of Bones - Version 0.75
Date:26th Spetember 2006

Tools for working with the Bag of Animal Bones.
For now, it only counts them for you. In the future,
it will provide you a list of missing bones.
== Download Here! ==

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