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Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing is a Web-based game, in which you create a character and adventure, building up your stats to eventually face the ultimate challenge in the game. Just like most RPG's.

Unlike most RPG's, the game is just one giant collection of jokes. From fighting the deadly Possessed Can of Tomatos, to adventuring in the Spooky Forest in the Distant Woods, to the Penultimate Fantasy Airship, you never get enough laughs. And once you beat the end of the game, you get the chance to Ascend, starting the game over, but getting to keep most items and other stuff. It has a built in Chat System, in which Im very active in the /radio channel, clan systems, 6 classes divided into 3 main stats, a market system, and much much more.

You can find me on it as DaCyclops.

One of my favorite things about the Kingdom, is the Radio. I never get enough of it. Almost every moment I have an internet connection Im listening to the radio. No matter what is on. I donate to the DJ's so they can have contests, and win quite a bit. In fact, Check out my Radio KoL winnings...
Radio KoL is staffed by players of the game, and run totally off donations. It runs 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week.

DaCyclops' KoL - Greasemonkey Scripts for YOUR KoL

-In LotB IRC Chat-
***Hibiki runs to the kitchen and garggles using all the milk.
***Kisuzu pouts
Kisuzu: I was going to drink that later!
***Hibiki looks to her.
***Hibiki has a mouthful of milk.
***Hibiki KISSES her.
***Kisuzu is kissed by total surprise
***Hibiki shares the mikl that way.
***Kisuzu is forced to drink it so she doesnt choke, and coughs and splutters after she pulls away from him
***Kisuzu holds her throat. "Ugh!! Hibiki!! I didn't want it like that!!"
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