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Kingdom of Loathing Winnings

This is a list of Winnings I've gotten in the Online game Kingdom of Loathing.
NOTE: All date are as they were in Australia. So the win might have been the Previous day as per the Radio KoL Schedule...

Date DJ Winnings Contest Details
Unknown Bragi 100 Roll in the Hay Question about the smallest hard drive for something. Answer was a 5 Mb Hard drive
16th February 2006
(Found Date)
Feared Al Yankovic 1 Million Meat (Found Info)
Feared Al asked about the song sung at the start of Red Drawf, when it was released as a stand-alone song, and the highest it reached on the UK Charts. Highest was 17
Unknown c00c00c00 1 Million Meat Voted "Most likely to become a comedian"in c00c00c00's Kol Yearbook
Unknown Jimmy Atcha 1 Radio Button Candy Found a song that Jimmy was asking for. Didn't know about the bounty until he sent me the Candy.
Unknown Prima Vera Angelhair 1 Cheshire Bitten Cannot Remember - Too long ago..

Cryptic Angel

1 Mr. Accessory
15 bottles of gin
150 bloody beers
15bottle of rum
595,000 Meat
For designing her Custom Item,
the "Radio KoL Hostile Takeover Plans"

Runner up, JRSiebz,
for "The Jessica Alba Slayer"
Unknown amplitude

1 locked Orcish meat locker
21 dry noodles
45 Dyspepsi-Cola
10 cosmic lemonade
2 beanbag chair
11 enormous belt buckle
1 denim axe
5 swirly potions
1 bowler
1 bow staff
1 pair of bowlegged pants
1 Million Meat.

A Chubby Winner Is Me!!

For a Question. Cannot remember Question.

Unknown Prima Vera Angelhair 1 Radio Button Candy

PVA asked what the first two songs he played were, about 8 songs into his show. I had an unfair advantage - I knew where to see the last 10 songs, and I had no lag.
PVA will not be asking that sort of question until he has played at least 10 songs after the answer, now...

Unknown EyeSpeculum 1 Radio Button Candy Me, ADeadHeart and DiscoThief got one each for advertising donating to the Radio KoL Web site
9th June 2005 Lyxia 14213 plain pizza
901 sausage pizza
11 goat cheese pizza
617 mushroom pizza
15 white chocolate and tomato pizza
Won from Lyxia's Item contest. I walked in late, and heard the song not long after. I was about to send her a last moment donation, when I heard that I had won...
Planning to give away most of the Pizza in /radio...
10th June 2005 Meranna 25000 ice-cold beer
1000 jug-o-magicalness
100 bottle of whiskey
100 bottle of tequila
2 Million Meat
Artist of the Night competition. Pennywise. First one of the show. She rolled a 1. Thank god for no lag...
21st June 2005 amplitude 1 Radio Button Candy First Quiz of the Night. Well, thats after the Technical Problems...
For finding a Quiz Question leading to Nunzilla! Rawr!
21st July 2005 artsychick 1000 ice-cold fotie
1 Wang
1 Anniversary Balloon
1 Million Meat
I was the Wanger on a song by Cake!
I have to thank Jesus for comming on at the same time as me, and asking who the AOTN was.
And Cake for making a song that sounded weird enough that I had to check who sung it right after comming online...
25th July 2005 Lehks 1 Million Meat For being the lucky one to blue message him "Fuck Me Lehks"...
Now I need to go take a shower to wash the contest off me...
25th July 2005 Prima Vera Angelhair 1 Million Meat
I acidentally said the answer in chat... Twice! Felt guilty, and sent PVA 1 Million Meat.
Then, when I heard I got 1 Million Meat for the contest, I told PVA to not count me, and instead give out both million to other players....
4th August 2005 Riboflavin 1 White Chocolate Chip Cookie
1 Radio Button Candy
314 Meat
In the first show I was there for since he got back, he asked his standard "Match the Songs" question. I replied. I was forced to walk away. I returned to find a prize.....
5th September 2005 KolMohDee 5 Giant Bugbears
1 Jecklin Hide Belt
There was a 24 hour Donation Drive on Radio KoL for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There were a number of give aways, including hourly "highest donator" prizes. I won that 3 times.
First 2 Times I donated equal ammounts with another person. First time, We split the prize. Second time, I got nothing (Meh. I dont care!)
3rd Time I got the 2 Stockings. Then, Ashallond messaged me telling me I had one of his shows. Later that day, I was told that I also had one of Inari's shows, and AubriAnne.... Wow... Thats alot...
6th September 2005 Nothing
6th September 2005 1 Crimbo Stocking
1 Extra Special Crimbo Stocking
1 of Ashallond's Shows
1 of Inari's Shows
AubriAnne for X ammount of time...
7th September 2005 Meranna 3 Tomato Daiquiris
1 Radio Button Candy
1 Tiny Plastic Hermit
5 Anniversary Balloons
2 Mr. Balloons
3 Million Meat 
Meranna had a Doubleshot contest. I entered late-ish (near the end of second song). Afterwords, she was mentioning she didnt have anything big to give out. So I donated a Mr A. Then Won....
Told Meranna to keep the Mr A, and she sent extra items!
31st October 2005 Lyxia 1 pair of Radio Free Pants FINALLY!
Lyxia played some songs with Red in the Title. Then asked how many...
It was 11... It was Ridiculous. It wasnt even funny...
32nd October...
Or 1st November if you arnt Jick
1 Radio Button Candy Merik's Halloween Multi was handing out candy to the 9th person to message. Guess I was the 9th person to message!
4th November 2005 Meranna 1 Mr. Accessory Jr. 
1 Radio Button Candy
1 Million Meat
Played an Artist of the Night on Sublime!
15th November 2005 KolMohDee 1 Radio Free Foil AGAIN! WOOT!
KMD read out a monologue from Scarface. I searched Dogpile for the phrase "you wanna be like a sheep"...
First Result, Name was the Page Title.
Waited a bit to copensate for lag, and Sent. Sweet!
20th November 2005 Jimmy Atcha 1 pair of Radio Free Pants
1 Radio Free Baseball Cap
AND THE FINAL PIE...Wait a sec...
Jimmy Asked a Qeustion that was "Much Harder than his previous question" (which was actually a Radio Free Baseball Cap).
I did a quick search the first moment I could, and combed over the results. Found what sounded right, and sent in my answer.
Jimmy's reply was "Jesus Dude"... I found it tonnes quicker than he expected anyone to be able to....
I quickly ran and got a Wand (and lost about 10 Ten Leaf Clovers to Teleportis) and Zapped the Pants. And got the Cap! Woot! One full Suit!
16th February 2006 Lyxia 1 Radio Button Candy

You know, I left this so long that I totaly forgot!
Ahh, I remember a bit!

She played some songs featuring a word in the title, and then asked how many. Think it was 7 or 8...

Sometime between the 16th and
27th February 2006
(He sent Late, and
I forgot the Date)
Lehks 1 Radio Button Candy

I won the Flavour Comp!

What was the Flavour... Umm.... I, Errr, Forgot....

3rd August 2006 The DREAD Pirate Wesley 1 Radio Button Candy

She asked for a K-Mail. Content didnt matter.

47 in, rolled 32, I won... Simple!

LAST UPDATED: 3rd August 2006

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