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Naturally, I didn't get all of this at one time, and am still working on the project. It would pay to check back here before going ahead, just incase I have update what I have written here.

When I started this project, I slowly assembled this list. In fact, the Wiimote is one of the last pieces I got (well, still have to get). Wiimote's were quite rare in Australia at the time. These are things you will absolutely need if you wish to do this as well.

  • A Nintendo Wii Remote controller (Naturally)
  • Bluetooth on your computer (most Laptops have this native these days, but desktops will need a Bluetooth Dongle)
  • Bluetooth Software - It has been shown that the default software of Windows tends not to work. The software recommended by me would have to be IVT Corporation BlueSoleli. Some Bluetooth dongles will come with this by default (with the license built into the dongle). Grab the latest copy on their web site, and you should be set to go.
  • A Wiimote 'driver' for Windows. (Technically, Windows will see it as a Bluetooth HID Device, but wont be able to understand it. The driver reads what the Wiimote 'says' and can convert it into sensible output.) I recommend WiinRemote as it appears to be the most detailed you can get. You could use GlovePIE if you wanted , but it looks a tad too detailed to me (though, likely more customizable).

A simple list. The Wiimote, The ability to talk to it, The ability to hear it, and the ability to understand it. Above, I have mentioned the software I choose to use, and that is what I will be writing this guide using. I'm sure if you go with different software, you can still use this guide. You will just have to work out what the equivalent is when I say stuff like "Click on Options in WiinRemote".

There is one more thing you may need. If you want to use the Motion Sensing ability of the Wiimote, you will want to get yourself a Sensor Bar. This is used by the Wiimote to assist it in working out where it is being moved. You can see all the information on that in the Motion Sensing article. If you choose to forgo a Sensor Bar, your motion sensing will normally be inaccurate, and harder to control.

Of course, the other thing would be a Media Player program to actually watch media on. I use Media Player Classic. But this guide could be applied to almost any other player. But I would recommend you use Media Player Classic, as its ultimatly customisable, and you are also able to set the keys to exactly what you want to do, so the Wiimote can follow your requirements, not follow what your media player supports.

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