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Before you can start setting up your Media Wiimote, you need to get your hands on Bluetooth for your computer. Some Laptops will come with it by default. In that case, you can skip over this part where I talk about getting Bluetooth, and skip right to the software section.

The Bluetooth device was one of the first things I bought. It was one of the cheapest I could get (though, still a tad costly). In fact, the package of this one was quite mangled, showing it was bought before and returned, so I wont be showing you the package. I will show you the dongle itself, though.
The circuts dont even take up half the dongle...
Nothing special. In fact, I managed to brake it open by acident at work. Its entire case was laying on the floor, while the inards were still in the USB cable, and still working fine. The antenna at the top wasnt even connected to the circuts! I will be getting some Super Glue to keep it closed from now, but thats the basics.

Make sure you dont plug the device in before installing the software. It normally wont cause problems, but it is a hastle unplugging for no reason. This particular model came with a CD, and I was joyed to discover it included a copy of IVT Corporation BlueSoleli on it. I wasnt too joyed to discover the CD refused to install. That would be why it must have been taken back. Lucky for me, the way the license for BlueSoleli is stored is by storing it on the actual dongle. Also, the license for my version (1.6) is sitll compatible with the latest version ( at the time). A web download of the software, and I had the software working. Plug the device in, use the drivers that the downloaded version comes with... Perfect. all working.

Some software that goes Ping. *Ping*
On this picture you can see the device has actually found my Mobile Phone, which I happened to use to test if the device worked. Which it did. Perfectly. And by Perfectly, I mean "after alot of tinkering with my mobile phone software". But thats another topic.. I would recomend trying it with another Bluetooth device to see if it works. As long as another device can see it, or it can see another device (make sure that device is discoverable) you should be fine to go.

With that, you have the Bluetooth ready to go. If your concerned about security, you may also want to turn down the discoverability of your device, to at least reduce the visibility (and also to make sure no-one uses it against you). You can do that in BlueSoleli by clicking "My Bluetooth" and going to "Device Properties". Then, click on the Accessibility tab.
No, you cant have my Device info. Its mine!         Locked Down. Mostly.
In this screen, you can see 3 settings. The first one basically asks if you want to be able to use Bluetooth to connect to devices. You want that on Connectable. The second option asks if you want your Bluetooth to be discoverable. That means other devices can see it. To pair two devices, one of them has to be able to see the other, and start the paring. In the case of the Wiimote, the Wiimote cant see anything. So it will be the discoverable one (more on that later). So, you can go ahead and make your device Non-Discoverable with no issues. As a note, I have mine set to Limited Discoverable in this screenshot. Thats because I want to do some othertesting with it later, and I need it visable. I might be making it Non-Discoverable after that. The final option is the Bonding Mode, or Pairing Mode. Two Bluetooth devices must Bond, or Pair, with each other before they can work together. Again, at least one of the devices must initiate the pairing, and the other must accept it. The Wiimote will always accept pairing, so you can leave this at Does Not Accept Bonding.

Now would be a good time to at least download the other needed piece of software, which for me is WiinRemote. At this point you can at least get it on your computer, so your ready to roll when you get the actuall Wiimote (if your like me and unable to get it right away). With WiinRemote, it saves its settings in a 'config.ini' file in the folder it is run from. So, if your a tricky person, you can set up multiple configs, so you can use it with different programs with little trouble. Just run a different config file. Thats my plans, at least. Wonder if they could embed that stuff into the program in the future...

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