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Posted by Cyclops on Friday the 2nd of March 2010, at 5:14 PM
Well, after finally getting to watch Bakemonogatari episode 14 yesterday, I decided a certain moment deserved the place on my phone as my message/SMS ringtone. And I am one to share. So here, I present to you....

Tsundere Service~~

Weird how I can go ages without updating despite everything that happens to me, and yet this is enough for an update...

I Can Haz Front Page?
Posted by Cyclops on Friday the 11th of June 2009, at 9:49 PM
Apparently I need to update the front page of my site....

Well... errr...... updated!

Pure Haruhiist
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 22nd of June 2007, at 1:16 PM
A website that I frequent is having a contest for winning a certain someting, and I just had to enter. I mean, I cant turn down something from Suzumiya! Here is my entry.

As a defining fact, I live in Melbourne, Australia.

There is a copy of the Fansubs on my work computer, just because I need to have it here.

My mobile phone has the scene of Suzumiya holding Kyon's tie as its background (from Kyon's view - its like she is holding my tie though the phone). the ring Tone is a custom-cut piece of Hare Hare Yukai. It has a 512mb memory card, and over a quarter of that is Suzumiya music. I am almost capable of remembering some of the songs start-to-end.

I have watched the series many times, and even once in a marathon showing at Manifest (the Melbourne Anime Festival) instead of seeing other things, and just watching the series later.

I actually met someone at Manifest, who was so overwhelmed by my Haruhiism, that when he went over to Japan for a holiday, he got me a Capsule Toy with a Suzumiya Keyring inside it. *holds up keys with Suzumiya attached*

I was one of those people watching like a hawk when it first came out.

I ordered the E2046 "PF3408 1/7 Suzumiya Haruhi (Pre-painted)" from their site the moment they announced the re-release (I didnt know of them before the first time). I actually found their site while they were offering "PF3739 1/7 Suzumiya Haruhi Special Version (Pre-painted)", but I couldnt accept it because it was red. I had to have the black.
It was delivered to work, and I had to unpack it about 4 times to show to some people in the office.

I have already ordered and received the Limited Edition Volume 1 of the R1 release. When it arrived (3 days early! I was so ecstatic!) I watched the entire thing in two sittings (one for Ep 00, one for EVERYTHING else, including commercials).
This was also delivered to work, but they weren't as impressed with a DVD.

As Madman have now (nearly) announced the Australian release for Suzumiya ( ), I have realised that I want all the specials, so I will still be ordering the Special Editions from the US, as well as buying the Limited Edition Box when it is released in Australia (well, pre ordering as soon as they accept them).

My new laptop is named “Kyon”, because I drag it everywhere, and it mostly carries files, or performs other menial tasks for me. The fansubs was one of the first things I copied to it. In fact, the DVD drive in my laptop is set to Region 1, so that I can watch the R1 Suzumiya on it. I have not removed it from the drive for a while, as I want access in a hurry. Sometimes, I have also just left it sit there at the R1 DVD main menu, as almost a screen saver, while I do work.

When it comes time for Manifest this year, I am planning on walking around with a Red Armband with “I Am Here” on it (from the novel chapter “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody”. I am extra glad they added that into the DVD release of Suzumiya). I am also thinking I might carry extra red armbands (with some other phrases, or maybe blank) for others who may want them.

Guess what Religion I will list on the next Australian Census?

I have written a small webpage so that I can view on my mobile - What is the default anime? Number 3651 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. And I remembered that number off the top of my head.

And as a last note, I don’t care if people know of how much I am a Haruhiist. In fact, I rather prefer it. So I have also posted this on the front page of my website

As for where and what the contest is... there is no way I am telling you. That would reduce my chances of winning!

Birth of a Project - The Media Wiimote
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 18th of Feburary 2007, at 7:35 PM
First, lets just say this - God, I dont update.

Anyway, below you can read all about my computer upgrades. One of the bigest features I liked was the addition of the GeForce 7900GT Video Card, and its TV Output. Which I made use of, connecting my TV to the Computer. For the last couple of months I have been watching Anime on my TV. Laying down and watching before going to sleep, watching an episode on there while I get ready for work. Laying down when sitting on my computer chair gets annoying (like now, funny enough). It made a whole new realm of lazyness open to me!

The only downside was lack of control. After a while (more details in the article) I decided to turn a Nintendo Wii Remote controller into a Media Remote for my PC. Thats when my Media Wiimote project started. I am still working on it, so its definetly not finished yet. But be sure to check back, because one day I will be able to show off just how easy it is...

Computer Upgrades FTW!
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 14th of November 2006, at 4:40 PM
I just finished installing myself some new computer upgrades..... Real good stuff...

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ CPU
    Replaces AMD Athlon XP 2400+ CPU
    2 Cores of gaming bliss
    (I did order a 4200+, but it was quicker to get this)
  • DFI Lanpaty NF4 SLI-DR Motherboard
    Replaces DFI KT600-AL Motherboard
    SLI for future use, and more features then you can shake a stick at!
    (I thought I was getting just an Infinity range DFI Board. Not that im complaining!)
  • Albatron GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI-E Video Card
    Albatron GeForce 7900GT 256MB PCI-E Video Card
    Replaces GeForce FX 5200 128MB AGP Video Card
    For when it absolutly, positivly, has to explode in a realistic shower of blood....
    Its SLI ready, and im planning on getting a second one when prices come down... alot...
    ** It was going to be a 7600GT, but the one I got didnt work, and decided to upgrade to the 7900GT they lent me to test my board **
  • 2x Western Digital 320GB SATA2 Hard Drives
    Works with 2x Western Digiat 250GB IDE Hard Drives
    Was going to go with a smart-arse RAID system with my 2x 250GB drives, but instead decided to try out the 1TB side of life....
  • Antec Smartpower 2.0 500 watt Power Supply
    Replaces Macron MPT-350 (AKA generic) Power Supply
    This was a late (unforseen) addition. I didnt think my old 350w supply was going to handle the additions...
    That is, after I realised it wasnt a 400w....

Im really looking forwards to having a spin around with these upgrades. They are more then capable of blowing me out of the water....

Interesting Fact - This entire update was typed on a different computer. Already showing great use of the upgrades :D

Then Again...
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 5th of November 2006, at 4:39 PM
On second thoughts, I was just too lazy. I paid the fine, and thats that. Serves me right....

Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 3rd of October 2006, at 8:32 PM
(First of all... Wow! Quickest Update Ever!)

A family friend (who just happens to work at the road authority here in Victoria - but thats a side note) just came over, and endulged us in his story of how he once got out of a parking fine (from what I heard, he is a pain no matter which side of the desk he is on).... Which made me get mine. And notice something.... Look at the top. Then, look down at the Date of the Infringement. And finally, look at the Due Date.... Subtract the Date from the Due Date.... Thats longer then 28 days...

Whatever happened, thats not right. Methinks im going to enquire about this.....

My First Parking Infringment!
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 3rd of October 2006, at 7:16 PM
Oh Lookie! Look at what I got today!

Back Side

A Parking Infringement for parking in a No Standing Zone... Directly in front of two parking officers no less! (Why they were writing another ticket!)

I needed to unpack some work stuffs from my car, and I wasnt letting them stop me! So, I got an LCD Monitor and Keyboard out of my boot, they walked over. I returned and got out a PC, they were writing the ticket. I returned and got a CRT monitor out of my boot, they walked off after taking some photos.

Its 100% my fault. I mean, I saw them there, and decided to continue what I was doing. The receptionist at work warned me I was going to be fined, and I shruged it off. The only other option I had was parking my car in the one free parking spot (which was soon taken). I knew if I went there, they would have slugged me with a fine anyway. (because I wasnt paying for 1 hour of parking to unload stuff for 10 minutes)

I will be paying this ticket. On the 14th of November. At about 11:50pm. They want my cash, they can wait for it.

What have I learned from this? Next time there are parking officers when I need to unload, Im taking a spin around the block untill they are gone.

They are Back... But where have they been?
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 18th of July 2006, at 9:44 PM
Anyway, just a couple of days ago Valve released news and a picture of the LONG, LONG overdue Team Fortress 2. Its been a number of years, and Valve have managed to release 2 ground-breaking games, a content delivery system, and pioneered the world of eposodic content. But, none of that matters now, as they have told us that Half Life 2: Episode 2 will come with Team Fortress 2. Woot!

Though, the first picture they posted of it is a tad different... (Click for Larger Copy)

It looks like the TF guys have taken a more Cartoonish approach in the last few years. Then again, I would just think that they did this picture as a promotional article. Definetly makes me want it more! From left to right, you see the Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Heavy Weapons, Demo Man, Medic, Scout, and Soldier. That brings back memories....

Though, the looks of them in that picture does raise a few questions as to what they have been doing in the years. I kept thinking about it, and I think I worked it out...

  • Pyro: After a rather-short lived job selling Gas Canisters at a Hardware Store (They are still trying to determine which one was set off first) he moved onto a job as a Pest Exterminator. While the houses are Pest-Free, they also feature a new Charcoal Black colour scheme.
  • Engineer: While waiting for TF2, he worked on numerous buildings. While the people who hired him wernt too happy at first, the occupants eventually came to like the Miniguns at every "chokepoint".
  • Sniper: He went on a Game Hunting trip in Africa. Didnt kill a single animal, as he could never see the one with the Flag.
  • Spy: Started his own company, using stolen Flags from the original Team Fortress. Also discovered his like for the more unusual methods of bedroom entertainment...
  • Heavy Weapons: Has been hanging out with Duke Nukem, drinking beer and eating Potato Chips. Duke thought he had a friend for life who knew how he felt...
  • Demo Man: Worked for the Police Bomb Squad for a while. Parted with the Bomb Squad after they realised he wasnt disarming the bombs, but working out ways of making them more effective.
  • Medic: Had time to study and become a certified doctor. While able to cure almost anything, not paying often led to worse diseases.
  • Scout: Became an announcer at a popular disco. Was reciently fired when the patrons noticed his socks, and realised how un-cool he was.
  • Soldier: Got a Temp Job in Day of Defeat: Source during the first Free Weekend. With the return of TF2, a replacement had to be found. Hence the second DoD:S Free Weekend.

All Greased up and Nowhere to Show...
Posted by Cyclops on Monday the 15th of May 2006, at 2:30 PM
Ahh... It would be a minor miracle if I remembered to update my website once in a while... So, here is an update...

Recently I have been doing some stuff in Javascript . Not too much... Just some scripts for KoL (using Greasemonky) and a bookmarklet that allows you to prefix a page title with something, then remove it again. Usefull for keeping track of what is on certain tabs when the page title isnt usefull (Save this link as a Bookmark, and then just use it to insert a prefix, or remove one if already there.)

With all this work on Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS, I think that I may have realised my true calling in life....

Im a Lumberjack!... I mean, A Web Developer!

(NOTE: And Yes, I will be doing an update to the State of the Kingdom Archive soon.... Ive got a few shows built up...)

Ashallond's State of the Kingdom
Posted by Cyclops on Monday the 13th of March 2006, at 9:37 AM
Ive been talking to Ashallond for a while about this, and last week we finally got it up and going. So why didnt I post about it here? Because Im Stupid! :D

The State of the Kingdom show that Ashallond does is basically a Player sharing all his knowledge on the radio. He often does Lectures, that focus on a certain topic for a while. And, you can access the Archive here on my website!

Ashallond's State of the Kingdom Archive

Dig Site...
Posted by Cyclops on Friday the 13th of January 2006, at 2:24 PM
Look at what I found lying around at work. Still Shrinkwraped... Weird....
The only problem is the Win95 one has a tear on the disk side...

New Servers! (AKA: Ding Dong, the Lag is Dead... Which old Lag.... The KoL Lag!)
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 27th of December, at 7:34 PM
As mentioned in my previous news post, KoL is getting new Servers! Well, as of the Rollover just passed plus a few hours, we have them! Wooohooo! These new servers are ment to reduce the overall lag. The Servers can now be found at

Whats that you say? Why not the normal address? Its because this is for the testing period. Same as the Green instead of Blue. It should change within the next few days back to the normal addresses.... But what if you like those Addresses?

Here is a list of Hosts entries that will make the old addresses point to the new server addresses. Do note that if KoL ever moves servers again, It will break your KoL again. I will of course update this list, so do not worry.....
Of course, if Jick ever moves servers AGAIN, its for the better of the Game....

How to Edit your Hosts (Text originally provided by Gigs, modified to make more sense)
Look for a file on your PC called "hosts". Just "hosts", no extension or anything.
On Windows 95/98/ME this file should be located in c:\windows
On Windows 2000 it's location should be c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc
On Windows XP/2003 you should find it in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

If, by default you cannot view file extensions, your text editor may be saving the file with a .txt extension. Change your view settings and rename the file without an extension.
Another way to edit it easy is to find it in Explorer, open Notepad, and Drag it into Notepad. Using the default File->Save option will save it correctly.

On some systems there may not be a hosts file, but you may find a "hosts.sam". This is a sample hosts file. You can add the above lines to the hosts.sam file and then rename hosts.sam to just hosts.

Whoops. Gigs broke it!
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 20th of December, at 8:21 PM
A While back in KoL there was a DNS Problem. Many people couldnt access for some reason. Then, Gigs came out with a fix for it, that involved telling your computer where to look. This was applied to many a computer (mine included) and left to go. It even made KoL a bit faster (thats why my new work comp is slower in KoL). With no ill effects....

Untill Now.

With the upcoming move of the KoL Servers to their new provider/host, the first server to move over was the Fourm and Images fourm. This move came with a Speed Bonus... And a New Address.
So, now everyone who applied that fix has a broken Fourms and Image Server address.

How do you fix this? You can either reverse the fix found on the link of this here text by just deleting the entry, or update it with the new address,, found in the block below (for easy copying)

Dont do this fix. Its going to Break Stuff! Look Above for the new Fix!
(Be There Soon!)

Do note that fixing the update by changing the entries will cause KoL to break as soon the new servers are in use. My recomendation is to disable the fix untill after the new servers are in use, at which point I will post a News Post showing everyone how to do it again.

Untill then, Enjoy the Crimbo Content!

Wow. I post here Alot!
Posted by Cyclops on Thursday the 17th of November, at 2:50 PM
Weird. I havnt posted here for so long. Despite the fact that since the last post KoL has been though White Wednesday (Stupid Jick Deleting the Database), as well as me winning my First Two Pieces of Radio Free Gear. Only that cap left! ^_^

Anyway, I thought that I should mention what I just added. After hearing Lehks mention that he had an AMV to Aladdin that he made, I asked for it. It was good. So I asked to host it.
Anyway, here it is!
Its very good, so be sure to enjoy it. You can contact Lehks inside of KoL to leave comments....

The Limit has been Broken...
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 4th of October, at 1:10 AM

The Limit has been Broken.

Wearing: clockwork hat, clockwork trench coat, clockwork pants, penguin whip, tiny plastic hermit (x2), porquoise necklace
Familiar: Your Life's Blood, the 35 pound Coffee Pixie, Wearing a lucky Tam O'Shanter
Buffs: Empathy, Elemental Saucesphere, Leash of Linguini, Polka of Plenty

It is possible to get 1K meat on the Icy Peak!

Bordom... Be warned....
Posted by Cyclops on Monday the 29th of August, at 2:22 PM
I was bored one day, so I pulled out Fireworks and decided to put something together... And only just remembered to Link on my site (been sitting there for a bit).... Here it is...

EDIT: Moved it all onto its own page, to reduce loading time of front page....
Find them All right on in Here!

Ooohhh.... New Host.....
Posted by Cyclops on Thursday the 25th of August, at 8:29 PM
Hmmm... I need to update more. I mean, ALOT more... Anyway, Just mentioning that I have got a new host for this Website. Thank you very much to YQM from Kingdom of Loathing, who is now hosting this website.

The new address is

I would like to say thank you to Luxembourg Webhosting, who hosted me up until now. They are very good. I just felt the want to move. If you are ever looking for a Web Host, check out

7 Levels in 5 Minutes
Posted by Cyclops on Friday the 29th of June, at 1:39 AM
Well, today I did something, and had fun at it.
In Kingdom of Loathing there are certain days refered to as "Stat Days". If you get any of a stat on those days, the ammount is boosted by a small ammount. I decided to use that to give me a HUGE leap in the game...
Today I ascended, on a Myst stat day, and got all the way to Level 7 right away. What I did was go a Myst class, Eat 3 Bat Wing Chow Meins, Drink 3 Cherry Bombs (making me drunk) and then spend EVERY adeventure at the Institute for Canadian Studies. I managed to go from a Level 1 noob to a Level 7 Macaroni Magician in under 5 Minutes.
My Stats: Muscle: 2 Mysticality: 51 Moxie: 3
Yes, Im well aware that im going to have to spend days re-training my other stats to match. But I made Level 7 in 5 Minutes. Im Happy!

Farewell to artsychick and SeveredToe
Posted by Cyclops on Monday the 25th of July, at 8:37 PM
Today while using KoL I was hit by a dreadfull piece of news. Due to some Internal problems (Which I will not go into here) the founders of Radio KoL, SeveredToe and artsychick, will be steping down from the station, and no longer DJing.

I am deeply saddened to see them go, and I dont think any amount of words will explain how much people will miss the Big Meat Show.

Goodbye artsychick and SeveredToe.
We will miss you...

UPDATE: It appears that the Big Meat show might not be dissapearing after all. In a post on the Radio KoL fourms she mentions that her and Toe have decided to continue holding the Big Meat Show. This is good news..... Very Good....

Letter from artsychick saying goodbye, and explaining it from her side...

Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on Me...
Posted by Cyclops on Thursday the 21th of July, at 7:51 PM
First of all, I wish to say sorry for no updates. I'm a moron..
Now that that is over, I wish to tell you why i haven't updated over the last 3 weeks. I went to a Lan Party about 3 weeks ago, and Got a Virus. And did nothing for a week. Oh, it was nothing Mean. All it does is write itself into every .exe file it can, and cant be removed... File Deletion. For over half my programs. Yes, That includes Dreamweaver.
Why didn't I update over the last week, though? Because, my Windows Partition crashed. Wouldn't Boot. At All. I got it working yesterday, and decided to update my site today. I'm doing this in Notepad, so excuse any errors....

There is one thing I mainly wish to draw your attention to. I'm making an AMV (Anime Music Video) to one of the songs by Kingdom of Loathing player Merik. Its an Un-released song, but I have his permission. I've uploaded a 5Mb 45 Second sample for you to have a look at.
NOTE: All content is not Final... If I can get my damn editor to play kind again...
Download the AMV Sample Here!

KoL section Up
Posted by Cyclops on Saturday the 11th of June, at 12:50 AM
Ive gone ahead and added the Kingdom of Loathing section of my Website. I plan on having alot in there eventually, but for now, The main piece of interest is my Radio KoL Winnngs list. Be amazed by the fact that I listen to Radio KoL WAY TO MUCH!

Radio KoL Contests
Posted by Cyclops on Tuesday the 7th of June, at 12:59 AM
Well, One of my Future planned features for this site is effectivly going to be a Radio KoL Contest archive. Basically, I will enter any major contest in there (any contest that is bigger than just a giveaway).

Untill then, I just wanted to mention two contests on this front page.

First is a Contest from a short bit back. Cryptic Angel asked for everyone to design her a custom Item. I submitted an item as a bit of a joke as to what im always saying (that she was taking over the radio). In the end, it came down to a rolloff between me and JRSiebz. I won - Lucky me! I got a number of items, most importantly a Mr A. Then I went and 'created' mine and JRSiebz's entries.
Winner - DaCyclops - Radio KoL Hostile Takeover Plans
Runner-Up - JRSiebz - The Jessica Alba Slayer

Also, EyeSpec held a 'contest' during his show yesterday/today. Basicaly, because he was taking PVA's slot, he decided to give a pair of Radio Free Pants to someone who sent in a song he liked. And then SewerRatz addedn in a Mr A. And Secert Santa added in more items. Now, Its one of the biggest contest on Radio KoL EVER!
The Current Prize Pool is... (Might not be 100% correct, but will be damn close)
Villa Document, Custom Avatar form, Coffee Sprite, Dodecapede, 69 million meat (or so), a bunch of booze, 2 Mr. A Jr's, Cheshire Bitten, Small Crimbo Pressie, 2 Crimbo Stockings, Tiny Plastic..Stuff, All 3 Keys, Wedding Cake, White Picket Fence, Childrens meal of the Damned, 4 Radio button Candies, 16 Mr. A's, Spectral Pickle, Spectral Pickle on a stick, Spooky Hockey Mask, Bowtux Outfit, 2 cans of red minotaur, 100 Hell Ramen
Oh, and the original prize: Radio Free Pants.

Big, Huh! Be sure to be listening after Jick and Skully to hear if he announces the winner....
EDIT: Oh yeah. There is a Fourm Thread about it.

Welcome to my Site MK2
Posted by Cyclops on Saturday the 4th of June, at 2:26 AM
First of all, I want to say sorry about what was my first news post. I was in a Venty mood, and decided to Vent. Despite the fact that no-one could see my website, because of the second point in that Vent.

This website will be my future home for.... Well... Whatever I damn well like. Im sorting out topics in my head as we speak, and already have a few sorted out. Im hoping it all comes off alright... Fate likly wont let that happen.

Anyway, Feel free to click on the menu hide/show link a few hundred times, and then leave. Its about the only thing that really works....

Welcome to my Site. And How does life want to Fuck with me today?
Posted by Cyclops on Thursday the 19th of May, at 12:08 AM
Welcome to my site! I finally decided to finish it off. Well, for the most part. *Glances at Menu*
For now, this site will be a place for me to vent. And vent I will...

Fresh off a Cold. And by that, I mean that I took one day (Tuesday) off, and only have the cough and a running nose (which seems to only show at night).

Sitting on my chair tonight, playing Natural Selection, I heard a small noise. And my chair tilted.... Game finishes, and I pick it up. I have managed to break one of the legs... Grrrrr....
Also, just surfing my forums today, and I notice my avatar isn't loading.. Weird.. I load up my website. Woah. Wait. Bandwidth Exceded! Crap. I load up my CPanel, and look at the details.
Turns out I have used 240% of my allowed bandwidth... Of the 250Mb I have on the Free plan Im using for now. Note to self. From now on, dont run a Random Avatar script on the Megatokyo fourms, and think you are l33t. It will bite back.

So. Now im sitting on a broken chair, thinking about what im going to do about a chair for future use, and running to get a tissue every few minutes, as my nose is starting to leak (as opposed to run) . Of course, Im not going to bring the Tissues over to the computer - that would make Sense!

You know what... Nobody is even going to see this Vent untill next month... Meh. I just needed to get it out...

Ok. Thats enough Venting. I might get some sleep. Sleep good...

-In KoL Chat-
System Message: Sorry about that, kids. The system was redirecting everyone to www2, so I did this to rebalance the logins. The lag will dissapate in a little bit.
System Message: In related news, I can't spell.
(System Message was by Xenophobe)
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